I believe that all aspects of our life, body and mind and environment create a whole perspective of health and wellness. Thus, I have chosen to take a wide and long path in learning so that I am able to offer support in a wholistic focused approach. I continue lifelong exploration in health and wellness education. My lifelong interest in health and wellness and food lead me to study and practice at an early age

I strive to enhance the body’s innate healing process through encouraging healthy food & nutrition, wellness and lifestyle choices, body-based mindfulness, and stress-reduction. I work to treat the underlying cause, identify sub-optimal functioning and remove obstacles so the body may heal, restore and create balance. I desire to be proactive in health choices realizing that all choices no matter how small can have profound effect. Simple ordinary things that we can do for our health can sometimes be the most powerful. 

I enjoy working deeply with people to create vibrant sustainable health. The body is always working at healing and repairing itself. Supporting that function is an important focus for me. My approach is different every time as our systems and constitutions are unique. I work with people to improve and restore the body’s reserves and help it become more resilient and rejuvenated. 

I began with extensive studies in food and nutrition throughout my life and also a Doctorate of Oriental Medicine.  In addition to Doctor of Oriental Medicine studies, I have enjoyed in-depth study and training in:   Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Essential Oils, Cleansing/Detoxifying protocols, Environmental/Home health, Yoga Therapy, Sleep Medicine, Practical Pain management, Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Medicine), Meditation and Breathwork. 

Other areas I have delved into and studied are childbirth education, doula training, functional movement and Pilates mat training levels 1-5, Therapeutic exercise, personal and athletic training studies.  I believe that functional healthy movement and fitness are a key component of wellness.

I have been practicing yoga, meditation and breathwork for more than 25 years and teaching for about 13 years. Over the years, I have obtained a broad base in of training in the system of yoga. Even though I love all areas of yoga, my chosen speciality areas include therapeutic yoga, Yoga for Athletes, Perinatal Yoga (prenatal, postnatal and Mom/Baby), Meditation, Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, Deep Relaxation and Yoga Nidra.
Believe it or not, I have even taken courses and certificate study in Canine nutrition and nutriogenomics! (and yes, I can advise you on dog nutrition!). I delved into that after beginning to rescue neglected and abused giant breed dogs as they often need supportive nutrition. I am also learning how to use essential oils for animal wellness.

I am currently pursuing a special mentorship study program in Hormonal Health with Dr. Sara Gottfried. In recent years, I have been educating myself comprehensively in the areas of PEMF(pulsed electromagnetic frequency), laser therapy, light frequency, LED Full spectrum infrared technology, nasal laser blood irradiation, hyperthermic treatments and compression technology applications to healing trauma, general health and wellness. 

Currently in Albuquerque, I integrate my healthcare practice with working with High Desert Yoga where I partner with the founder, Zoreh Afsarzadeh developing the studio’s overall path. I am deeply grateful to be part of High Desert Yoga as we not only work with yoga; but trauma informed body based mindfulness work, therapeutic modalities and other wellness specialities. We are an education center and committed to the community we serve.

I have enjoyed working with thousands of pregnant women over the years and am honored to support such a sacred time in a woman and family's life and support the transition into motherhood. In 2008, I founded Birthworks! with Louise Self who is a practicing midwife and owner of High Desert Midwifery and Women's Health offering empowering and practical programs for pregnancy, birth and beyond. While connecting and serving my community, I served on the Albuquerque Birth Network Board of Directors, partnered with Inspired Birth and Families and worked with March of Dimes preterm babies program. Throughout the years, I have consulted with local hospitals and clinics, offering workshops, and supportive programing. 

Along my path to becoming a healthcare practitioner I acquired a Bachelors degree in Asian Studies, International Relations with a minor in Japanese and Chinese Languages through the State University of New York. During that time period I continued study in holistic health, food and nutrition. 

While at SUNY, my most memorable moments were while participating in my university sports team in Fencing with a specialty in the foil weapon and Cycling with road cycling. I also worked with local community programs in Buffalo, NY developing programs with Friendship House, founding Elementary Connections and working with Depth, Inc. 

After that time, I spent some years living, studying and working in japan. I participated in some advocacy work while in Japan and also taught English (of course!)  I then returned home inspired to work in the public sector. 

Upon my return to the USA, I sought out work that would impact homeless families and youth positively while working to draw in a health and wellness focus. I desired to gain practical experience in working with homeless families and children and challenges faced and dedicated myself to working in social services and education. 

I developed programing for homeless families, founded a girl scout troop for homeless girls, worked with VISTA Volunteers while also pursuing bicycle racing. I became a social worker at Harris County Social Services (HCSS) in Houston, TX. At HCSS, I became Director of Pending Guardianship and gained valuable experience in urban social service.  After which, I taught at an Annenburg Grant school in an high need area within the Houston Independent School District. I also taught literacy skills under a reduced-size classroom grant in the Bryan, TX public school system. I enjoyed acting as a mediator in the court system and developed peer mediation programs for public schools and volunteered with Child Advocates as a court appointed educational advocate. 

This was a profound period in my life as through this work, I met Tommy who was young and homeless. As the years went on, we became family and finally adopted Tommy as our son. Sometimes, when I look back upon that part of my life; I feel it all lead to Tommy, Chris and I finding each other. 

My strong background in community work inspired me to create programs in Albuquerque providing body-based mindfulness to incarcerated youth, homeless shelters and other organizations. I also initiated a scholarship program at High Desert Yoga. I have enjoyed a wide harmonious path always incorporating my love of food, wellness and health while continuing to integrate community work and education. I have recently created a partnership between Street Yoga and High Desert Yoga, working together to bring body based mindfulness into areas of need from schools, to detention centers to homeless shelters. 

During the past few years, I have delved deeply into understanding and offering support in the areas of healing and recovery from accident, injury, and surgery.  I experienced an accident in late 2014 in which I sustained severe trauma and used myself as a personal petri dish!  I have learned much and positively impacted my healing and recovery integrating various methods, resources and equipment into my self care as I go through healing, recovery, therapeutic work and surgeries through early 2018. I am inspired and invested in sharing my story and ways of healing with the community that I serve.

My love of nature, water, mountains, exploration and cycling has led to avid 'extreme' gardening, many hikes, wandering the globe, floating in many seas, cycling the high mountains. I have enjoyed years of pursuing bicycle riding and racing. Now, I am a member of a local bicycle team and also work to support women’s cycling with Stronger (based in Europe). My deep connection to mountains drew me to much exploration in those areas, and in 2018 I will pursue a solo hike of the 500 mile high mountain Colorado trail. I also enjoy reading (actual books), spending time with our dogs and creative work.

Creating a wide, sustainable and balanced life that allows precious time for connecting with family, friends and impacting the community that I am part of is very important to me. I am grateful for my many teachers, loving family and community.